The Board of Supervisors

Steven Russell is the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and the supervisor in charge of planning and zoning.

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Mike Giannetta Vice- Chairman of the board and Supervisor in charge of DPW
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Brian Brenzel Supervisor in charge of the Police Department as well as parks and recreation
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Scott Township is governed by a board of 3 elected Supervisors. Each Supervisor is elected for  6 year term that expire two years apart. 

All three supervisors work with the various department heads to ensure responsible expenditure of Township funds and efficient operation of the departments. 

Supervisors are paid 1500.00 per year. Mike Giannetta foregoes his pay completely. Steven Russell donates all of his pay to area civic organizations such at the Fire Departments and sports organizations. 

The 3 supervisors come from various backgrounds which complement each other. Mike is an Attorney, Steven is a stylist and Co-owner of Sanderson State Street Salon and Brian is the owner of  Brenzel Construction.

The Township Solicitor is Richard A. Fanucci Esq.

KBA Engineering serves as our Township Engineers and Sewer Enforcement Officers