Zoning & Code Enforcement

Scott Township has a Zoning ordinance and a Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, as well as several other health and safety ordinances. Many of which can be viewed using the ordinance link on this webpage.

Any building over 120 sq.ft. requires a permit as well as any deck, fence wall or swimming pool. If you are unsure as to the need fro a permit for your project please contact us prior to beginning any construction. The Township policy allows for up to triple the permit fee in cases where a permit should have been obtained but was not.

For structures that require building code inspections, you can choose to use either Northeast Inspection Consultants or Building inspection underwriters as your 3 rd party inspector. All permits from these companies are obtained through the Township Zoning Department. The forms are available for download on this websites under the forms and applications link. Again, please contact the office concerning any planned projects so that we can provide you with the information you need to have your project proceed smoothly without added costs to you. We would much rather meet with you before a mistake is made that costs you money and slows down your project.

If you intend to subdivide your land, please have your surveyor contact the office. Often you can save money on these projects by having your surveyor talk to us before beginning the work.