Scott Township Sewer Authority

The sewer authority is an independent Municipal Authority responsible for the operation of the Township Central Sewer System. Although the members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors, the board operates independently from the Township. Current members of the board are:

Robert Parry. Chairman

Jeff Kovach Vice Chair

George Keen Treasurer  email:

Jan Ward  email:

James Romano   email:

Sewer Authority Solicitor Frank Ruggerio Esq.

Administrative assistant to the board Karen Cecchini email:

Phone 570.319.1296 ext 2

If you have an issue with your grinder pump please call 570.499.3244 and be sure to leave a message with your address and return phone number. There is a button on the bottom outside of the control box for the pump. This will silence the alarm but the red light will remain on. This DOES NOT fix anything. It is just to silence the alarm until a technician arrives.