“The Beginning of a Bright Future!”

Small Wonder Preschool is focused on providing the foundation needed for our students to have a bright future. Our lesson plans are focused around creative play, building social skills, building academic foundations and emotional growth.  Our goal is to mix developmental growth with academic performance to create a student that will be successful in their future academic career.

There are two programs available, the 3-4 year old program and the 4-5 year old program. The 3-4 year old program is focused on students building social skills, developing coordination, learning and mastering prewriting skills, and laying the foundations for reading readiness. The 4-5 year old program is designed to prepare students to be successful in kindergarten. It concentrates on teaching students writing skills, math, science, reading readiness, along with continuing focus on social emotional growth through play.

In both programs the students are able to enjoy gross motor activity at least on a weekly basis in our gymnasium.  The students have the opportunity to express themselves in a physical manner while taking part in small and large group instruction. This physical activity produces positive effects on students’ health, behavior, and academic performance.

The 3-4 year old program is 2 ½ hours, Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30-11:00. The 4-5 year old program is split into two programs, 2 ½ hours and 4 hours. All students start at 8:30 but there is an option to stay until 11:00 or 12:30. The students that stay until 12:30 receive additional instruction and eat lunch with their classmates. Small Wonder Preschool is a township run preschool, led by head teacher Amy Lutz and she is assisted by teachers Stephanie Basalyga and Kelly Vogt.  If you are interested in enrolling a student or reserving a spot on our waiting list please call (570) 319-1296 ext. 7