DPW/Road Crew

The Scott Township DPW consists of 3 Full time Employees and 1 part time employee, as well as several on call drivers for snow removal . They are responsible for snow removal, road maintenance, building maintenance and taking care of the parks and fields. The crew works out of the garage located on Lakeland Drive. Their normal hours are 7AM to 3PM Mon-Fri. Of course in the winter many of those days run one into another as they work to keep the roads safe to travel. The Township maintains 30 miles of roads, some dirt and some paved. Snow and Ice removal can be treacherous and exhausting. Please know that if there is a storm….The road crew is already out. They will do their best to get your road cleared as quickly as possible. We ask that you be patient during these times. You can leave a message for the DPW at 570.254.4615. The members of the road crew are:

  • Stanley Stracham
  • Gary Frazier
  • Gerald “Buzz” Frazier
  • Justin Ezerskis