Scott Township is a Township of the second class and is governed by a Board of Supervisors, elected by and responsible to the voters of the Township. The Board consists of three elected Supervisors, each serving a six-year term, with one official elected every two years.

    The Board is responsible for all Township policies and legislation that govern this community. Also a part of their job is to appoint members to the Planning Commission, Zoning Hearing Board, Municipal Authority, and make other appointments as they deem necessary.

    Scott Township is located in the north central part of Lackawanna County. It is one of twelve Townships covering the Abington Highlands.

    The Township is bordered on the north by Greenfield Township, on the east and south by Carbondale Township, Archbald, Blakely, and Dickson City Boroughs, and to the west by South Abington, Abington, North Abington, and Benton Townships.

    The area is characterized by gently sloping hills and fertile green valleys, placid lakes, and rushing streams. The mountaintops along Scott’s southern border are over two thousand feet above sea level and form part of the Shawnee Mountain chain.

    Originally one of Lackawanna County’s farming communities, with the construction of new and improved highways, Scott Township has experienced a rapid growth of residential building and commercial expansion, which is closely related to the activities in adjacent municipalities. In recent years, it has become one of the fastest growing areas in Lackawanna County with the Township’s population steadily increasing from 2,750 in 1960 to an estimated 5000 in 2000.

    Scott Township is triangular in shape, contains 275 square miles of land, and runs eight miles north to south and five miles east to west. It is drained primarily by the south branch of the Tunkhannock Creek, Kennedy Creek, and Rush Creek. The largest bodies of water found in the Township are Griffin Reservoir, Siniawa Pond, Chapman Lake, and Heart Lake.

    Interstate Highway 81 passes through the western side of the Township running north and south, while Pennsylvania Highways 107, 247, 347, 438 and 632 cut across the Township. It contains two villages, Mondale and Justus and smaller hamlets such as Green Grove, Heart Lake, Tompkinsviile, Jordan Hollow, and Scott Corners.